When is a Child Supposed to Lose their Baby Teeth?

Published:September 6th, 2011

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When a child is expected to lose their teeth depends on the child’s diet and overall health condition but generally, you can expect them to lose it at about 6 years old. Even with the best of care, it will naturally fall out to make room for the permanent teeth. However, some baby teeth may last up to 12 or 13 years.

Think of the baby teeth like a restaurant, first come first served. The first one to pop out is the first one to fall off and those are usually the two front teeth of either the upper or lower part.

It is important that parents train their children to take care of their baby teeth. If they lose it early, the permanent ones will come out early but because their gums and mouth aren’t that mature yet, it may become crooked. Eventually, you will need braces.

Some teeth could actually go loose which cause the child to want to pull it out herself. This is a common occurrence and there are people who really do it but you must exercise care if you plan on doing it. Either you or your child should grasp it firmly and a tissue or piece of gauze and twist it. If the tooth refuses to be pulled out, wait a couple of more days before trying again.

Just remember to:
• expect some bleeding so prepare a gauze
• ask your child to rinse with water
• wash your hands before pulling it

If your child’s baby teeth refuses to fall off on its own, consult your dentist.

Remember to train your child on dental care as soon as you start potty training. Train your child to:
• brush their teeth at least twice a day
• floss
• make sure they don’t take in anything before going to bed after brushing their teeth
• visit the dentist every six months.

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