Photos of Celebrities With Braces

Published:September 24th, 2011

Celebrities are not perfect and here are photos of celebrities with braces to prove it. Like many of us, they struggle to achieve the perfect oral look. Even the finest of them had to struggle and go through the pains of wearing braces to correct their teeth formation. Below are some of the most popular celebrities who had to wear braces to correct the alignment of their teeth.

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Photos of Celebrities With Braces: Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise can make any girl weak on her knees with his sweet smile but unknown to many, he had to work on it just recently by wearing braces. He had one when he was a kid but you know how teeth can to back to its imperfect form when there is not proper care.

Photos of Celebrities With Braces: Lourdes Leon

Lourdes’ mom, Madonna, is known for her gap teeth but this girl doesn’t want follow her mom’s teethsteps as evidenced by the braces she wore a year ago.

She continue to wear retainers every now and then.

Photos of Celebrities With Braces: Gwen Stefani

The epitome of rock chick was also an epitome of rock geek chick. In the early years of No Doubt, Gwen wore braces and she had it on for two years. No worries, it took No Doubt six years before they hit the big time with the single ‘Don’t Speak’ so no one really noticed the braces.

Photos of Celebrities With Braces: Dakota Fanning

Part of the charm of Dakota Fanning is her little imperfections like her teeth. She had braces on when she was younger and she continue to wear retainers every so often.

Dakota had a ‘normal’ life. Not only in terms of oral health but also in terms of education. She went to a regular high school and is now planning her college education. She said she wants to finish college. Based on her track record, she’ll have no trouble completing it.

Photos of Celebrities With Braces: Emma Watson

Our dear Hermione didn’t have any spell that would magically correct the aesthetics of her teeth. She wore braces during her younger years. She had it one between the movies. So don’t count on seeing it in the movie.

She seems perfect now but she doesn’t stop trying to make herself better. She is one of the few celebrities who pursue higher education.

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