Warning Against Tongue Piercing

Published:August 28th, 2011

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Tongue piercing may damage your nerves, give you infection, increase your saliva flow, and make you lose your sense of taste, warns the American Dental Association or ADA.

Tongue piercing and tongue-splitting are becoming popular forms of artistic expression. It is highly identified with sensuality and the rock and roll genre. Both are non-surgical procedure and can be done in several minutes.

Despite the obvious aesthetic value for some, it can posts risks which include:

• Infection, pain and swelling
• Increased saliva flow
• Nerve damage
• Numbness
• Loss of taste
• Difficulty speaking
• Chipped and fractured teeth
• Damage to the gums
• Uncontrolled bleeding
• Damage to fillings
• Periodontal disease
• Development of a biofilm
• Endocarditis or the inflammation of the heart valves or tissues

The worse news is that effects may not be immediately felt. After the procedure, you can feel no bad effects for days and only feel some bad results when the condition is at its worst.

Bacteria that could enter your body through the piercing can actually be inside your body causing damage way before you realize there is something wrong with your oral health. The complications that these bacteria may cause can even be life-threatening.

The fact is that no matter how sanitized you think the materials being used on you is, if it is not a certified medical clinic, you can never be sure.

It is always advisable to talk to your dentist before proceeding with any kind of oral modification.

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