Churchill’s Dentures Worth $25,592

Published:September 3rd, 2011

Would you like to own the teeth of Winston Churchill? You need $25,592, at least.

Winston Churchill’s gold false teeth was sold at an auction last Wednesday. That fact that is solid gold is not as important as the man who used it.

Churchill’s problems with his teeth started early in his life. His missing teeth caused him to have lisps. Considering he was in the field of public service, speeches and conversations were two things that were consistently demanded of him. To make up for this, they designed dentures for him.

This denture is unique because it was made to be a loose fix which meant it wasn’t one of those contemporary teeth we see celebrities put in place of their real teeth that is permanent. It was removable.

Another set was sold for a whopping $28,765. The false teeth he wore were a big part of his reign because he was said to vent his frustrations through his false teeth when the 1939-45 conflict was not going well. Churchill use to flick it out of his mouth.

Owning someone else’s teeth may be gross to some but when it’s Churchill’s teeth, it’s legendary.

Source: Discovery

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