Interesting Teeth Photos and Facts Around the World

Published:September 12th, 2011

Married Women are Rewarded With Gold Teeth

I found this photo at In Bukhara, Uzbekistan, married women are “rewarded” with gold teeth. So when a girl has no gold teeth, you are free to pursue her. This doesn’t come cheap which prohibits men from getting other women as it would cost them a fortune.

Homo Erectus Tooth

This one is from

There are very rare fossils from our homo erectus friends. This find will allow scientists to know more about their diet and dental care habits. This discovery was made made at the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University—a canine tooth from Peking Man, untouched since it was dug up in the 1920s in China.

Sweeping a Woman Off Her Feet… With Teeth

This image is from This was taken in 1952. The man is Irish wrestling champion (and stuntman) Danno Donovan and the woman is Anita Cooke.

Chiseling of Teeth Makes a Woman Attractive

Photo Credit: Chad Grochowski

This tribe in Indonesia believes that a woman becomes more attractive when the teeth are chiseled. The husband forced this woman to have her teeth chiseled to “fit his new stature” in the society. You can watch the video at the National Geographic site. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

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