Super White Smile In UK

Published:September 19th, 2010

The latest teeth whitening and cleaning system coming from the USA is now available in UK. The Super White Smile dual teeth whitening and cleaning system helps you remove stains on your teeth and whitens them without creating tooth sensitivity.

8 to 12 shades whiter are promised by this system and no post treatment tooth sensitivity is associated with use of this product. The products have been tested and they are said to comply with both US and EU regulations.

The procedure recommended if you use this product involves covering your lips and gums first, then applying a custom made teeth cleaning swab. It contains a special safe cleaning and stain removing agent. The agent will both hydrate the teeth and reduce post treatment sensitivity. It can remove stains even before you apply the Super White Smile teeth whitening gel.

A laser LED light is then placed over the mouth, its role being to activate the teeth whitening gel. The whole process takes about one hour and a half.

We haven’t tested this teeth whitening solution and recommend you stick to our recommend list.

2 Customer Reviews of “Super White Smile In UK”

Comment by Mary James, January 22, 2011

I used this company and the service and results were Great.

Comment by David, June 4, 2011

Using this product in my clinic on a number of times, i found that on an average the teeth will only go up by 2-3 shades whiter, 4 if you are lucky doing an hours treatment. Super white smile teeth whitening gel – sorry not for me thanks.


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