RightSmile Wants to Sell LazerWhite Through a Major MLM Company

Published:December 31st, 2010

RightSmile, a leader in Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening is discussing with a major MLM company the addition of LazerWhite to the company’s line for international sales. The MLM company can sell thousands of units each month and the price of LazerWhite will enable such sales.

RightSmile, based in Port St. Lucie distributes branded and private label cosmetic laser teeth whitening products to multiple markets. A custom headset will be build for RightSmile at a price that will create a profit and enable sales in amounts that will be attractive for the MLM company.

RightSmile Inc. has also entered an agreement with TV Goods, Inc. to create a media campaign around the LazerWhite brand earlier this month. TV Goods, Inc. will produce a half hour infomercial that will be followed by test market sampling in January 2011. TV Goods Holding Corporation is a direct response marketing company that identifies, develops and markets products for global distribution. It was established by Kevin Harrington, who is a pioneer and architect of the infomercial industry.

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