Celebrities With The [Im]Perfect Smile

Published:July 1st, 2011

Demi Moore twitted a photo of her with a tooth missing. Lil Wayne infamously had his gold teeth replaced before going to prison. Matthew McConaughey proudly declared that he has never had his teeth done because he likes brushing his teeth a lot. That’s how integral teeth are on a celebrity that any development on it can make headlines.

Millions are spent to get them teeth done. Teeth are capped, whitened, replaced with gold, braced, and countless other surgical procedures just to get that perfect smile. It creates unreasonable expectations for us because fact is, it takes thousands of dollars to achieve and maintain that perfection.

But did you know there is also the other side to that smile, one that purposely thrive on imperfection. Just last year, Tyra Banks asked one of the contestants to widen the gap of her two front teeth. The model didn’t win the competition but she personally attested that she got more bookings because of her gap teeth.

Where did it start?

Historically, the appeal of gap teeth started as far back as the 14th century. Geoffrey Chaucer’s Wife of Bath’s Tale described an attractive woman having gap teeth. Then again, it was written in an old language and may be misinterpreted in so many ways.

The more obvious origin are the women in South Africa. Gap teeth come in abundance there and I highly doubt they go through any procedure to achieve them. As the world finally realizes the natural beauty of South African women, we also start to notice the other little details of their face and body including their gap teeth.

How much does it cost?

Diastema is the medical term for a gap teeth and you can get it for anywhere between $800 – $2000. It all depends on whether you already have gap teeth and wants to widen it or they will have to create it for you.

Celebrities with gap teeth

Almost 30 years and she still going. The photo above was taken in the mid-80s, both her beauty and gap teeth are still prominent. I doubt she will ever have that gap teeth fixed.

Anna Paquin
Her gap teeth were cute when she was a child star but everyone thought she was going to have it fixed once she was old enough. Nope, it’s still there and neither her career nor her love life is suffering from it.

Vanessa Paradis
She’s a superstar in France and has been recognized for her unconventional beauty. Her gap is more prominent than the others’ on this list.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson’s gap was there even before he started fighting for a living. The money came and went but the gap stayed.

Georgia Jagger
Daughter of rockstar Mick Jagger, Georgia is the new face of Rimmel proving that high end brands are really going for the unconventional beauty.

Lara Stone
Lara Stone has broken so many stereotypes. She’s a size six, for one, instead of a size zero. She is already on her 20s when she started hitting it big instead of the barely legal models out there. Most especially, she’s got a gap in her teeth she never got fixed.

Jorja Fox
Fox has been around TV but she is most famous for being an original cast member of CSI and the love interest of the lead actor, William Petersen. She is sexy for being a vegetarian and for her gap teeth.

Lauren Hutton
Ageless. She’s over 60 and she can give any 20ish a run for their money. She’s perfect in her imperfection.

Elton John
His gap teeth are as timeless as his career.

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