New Tool For Teeth Sensitivity

Published:March 6th, 2011

A new way to treat teeth sensitivity and pain is available to dentists from Dentsply International. Teeth sensitivity occurs due to gum disease, teeth grinding and teeth whitening. The underlying layer of the teeth becomes exposed and cold, hot or other stimuli reach nerve endings. NovaMin is available in paste form and is used for dental cleansings, releasing calcium phosphate molecules that create a protective layer over dentin. In the presence of saliva, a barrier is created that prevents transmission of pain to the nerve.

Normally, saliva helps with the calcium deposits on the enamel that cover and protect tubules openings. However, excessively hard brushing, frequent teeth whitening and even tooth grinding can erode this protective covering.

Other similar products rely on different ingredients that take effect after longer periods of time. Dentsply International recently partnered with GlaxoSmithKline to create new products containing NovaMin. One of these products is Sensodyne NuPro, a toothpaste that will become available this summer for commercial use. Until then, the paste is administered at dental offices for immediate relief of sensitivity.

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