Why You Should Re-mineralise Your Teeth

Published:June 15th, 2010

The mineralization of tooth enamel occurs throughout your whole life. A healthy mouth, with mineral-rich saliva helps build minerals into the teeth. Every time we eat or drink something acidic, teeth become porous and surface minerals dissolve. Lack of sufficient saliva in a dry mouth means there are not enough minerals to rebuild teeth.

Sugars in the food and drink typically react with the bacteria in the plaque and form acids. Such acids attach the teeth and dissolve the enamel. When you have drinks or snacks of acidic or sugary foods between meals, teeth are under constant attack and do not have time to remineralize.

Enamel is created by special cells and is made up of 96% minerals. It is the strongest substance in the human body. Poor diet and acidic environments can diminish the mineral content of the enamel.
Enamel is strengthened by remineralization through the saliva. The enamel on teeth is constantly fluctuating between mineralization and de-mineralization. What you need to do in order to have strong, healthy teeth, is increase the amount of foods that are capable of remineralizing the enamel and decrease the intake of foods responsible for demineralization.

Eat as much raw food as you can. Foods that have a high content of Vitamin K2, C and D are helpful. Sea salt should also be included in your diet. Natural toothpastes that do not contain glycerin but do contain baking soda are a solution for protecting the enamel. A flow of mineral rich saliva and an alkaline mouth will help with the remineralization process.

Taking care of the remineralization of your teeth means preventing cavities. Enamel remineralization occurs when calcium from the saliva and other sources replaces the calcium that was lost. Replaced calcium helps the enamel to repair itself. Remineralization of your teeth is as important as daily oral hygiene. It helps with preventing cavities and saves your teeth, which means less money spend on dental procedures.

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