Invisalign A New Solution To An Old Problem

Published:May 30th, 2010

Invisalign is a new solution to an old problem, misaligned teeth. The most popular solution for beautifully aligned teeth used to be not so beautiful braces.

Invisalign will correct your teeth but will also give you a better look while you wear it. It is a treatment consisting of a series of aligners that are switched out every two weeks. The plan of treatment is offered by the dentist using 3D computer imaging technology to make detailed adjustments. Edges are smooth and do not irritate gums or cheeks. Doctors take precise impressions and customize the aligners for each tooth.

Invisalign is totally invisible, but can straighten your teeth completely. It is removable and there are no restrictions on what to eat or drink. You can remove invisalign aligners for special occasions. However, you do not need to remove it while brushing. Brushing your teeth while using Invisalign is also very easy.

There are no metal wires attached and it does not bring about irritation. There is no need for teeth removal of any kind. Invisalign treatment also takes less time than other solutions available on the market.

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