Sleep Dentistry – No More Fear During Dental Treatment

Published:May 29th, 2010

Sleep dentistry uses medically supervised administered intravenous sedation or conscious sedation. It is a type of dental sedation utilizing a mixture of sedative and ache relieving drugs to induce relaxation during dental procedures. It is one of the several options available to reduce fear and discomfort.

Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry which involves drugs that induce a relaxed state in the patient. Cosmetic dentists use sedation dentistry quite often for people who are afraid of the experience they have gone through when visiting the dentist.
Complex dental treatments can be accomplished in just one consultation with the help of this technique. The vital signs are monitored during the procedures, which can last from two to six hours. Breathing, blood pressure and heart rate monitoring increase the safety of the procedure.

Sleep dentistry is used when treating gum disease, missing or chipped teeth repair, implants or other dental cures. Unpleasant procedures such as root canals and cosmetic dentistry can be performed more efficiently.

Sedation is recommended for severe dental phobia. Severe phobia, however, is not easily defined. Sedation eliminates anxiety about pain and discomfort.

Sedation dentists using intravenous conscious sedation have benefited from advanced training and certification. Drugs administered intravenously are more effective than drugs taken orally.

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