Foods To Avoid To Keep Your Teeth White

Published:May 30th, 2010

Teeth stains are often caused by the foods and drinks we consume. Anything that can stain your t-shirt can also stain your teeth. This is true for any food or drink that is deeply pigmented. Acid, tannins and colorants stain the teeth and your beautiful smile will not be the same.

Tannins Are Enemies To White Teeth

Tannins are bitter plant compounds that bind or shrink proteins, amino acids and alkaloids. They cause dry and puckery feeling in the mouth after you eat fruit or red wine. Tea and coffee also contain tannins and most berries, such as cranberries, strawberries and blueberries have a high content of condensed tannins. Tannins react strongly with enamel proteins and microbial components on the tooth surface and the strong bond thus formed is what gives teeth a yellowish-brown look.

Soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, berries and curry should be avoided if you want to keep your teeth white. Coffee, red wine, cola and dark soft drinks, black teas and cranberry juice cause staining. In fact, all sweetened drinks are bad for your teeth. Energy and sport drinks, even bottled lemonade can erode tooth enamel.

While most people are aware that red wine will not help your teeth stay white, white wine also makes the teeth susceptible to staining. Any acidic beverage makes the outer surface of the tooth more susceptible to chemicals that contain pigments.

Sugars and Carbohydrates Will Alter White Teeth

Food that contains plenty of carbohydrates or sugar will cause tooth decay. Candy bars are just as detrimental as potato chips for our teeth. Sugar is one type of carbohydrate, but potatoes are also high in carbohydrates. Snacks between meals are another cause of tooth decay.

Flavoured drinks contain food dyes that cause stains on our teeth. Candies and frosting have plenty of food colouring. Chocolate should be avoided in order to maintain a beautiful smile. Popsicles contain dyes that can penetrate cracks in the enamel, so whenever you feel tempted to have one, remember that your white teeth are more important.

Beet or beet juice is also responsible for staining your teeth. Curry and tomato sauces may be tasty, but they have harmful effects on the colour of your teeth. Hot drinks weaken the barrier of enamel, so do foods with high iron content such as molasses.

Plaque is constantly forming on our teeth. Eating foods that contain starches or sugar causes the bacteria in the plaque to keep acids in contact with your teeth. The result is that the enamel breaks down.

Good Foods For White Teeth

Several foods can act as teeth cleaners. Celery can diminish the number of bacteria in the mouth, you also have to chew it more so you produce extra saliva. Saliva will kill bacteria in the mouth and protect your teeth. The extra water that celery contains can help clean your teeth while you eat.

Onions and Shiitake mushrooms also help with eliminating bacteria. The substances contained in raw onion prevent the creating of plaque that can turn into cavities. Cheese contains elements that can help your teeth and also makes the mouth produce more saliva which prevents the teeth from being discoloured. Oranges and strawberries can also assist in teeth whitening.

Try to avoid foods that stain your teeth and use straws to sip drinks that leave their marks on your teeth. Add foods that help your teeth stay white in your diet and you will be able to keep your beautiful smile that will enhance your charm.

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