Teeth Whitening Industry Is Growing

Published:June 23rd, 2010

Teeth whitening industry has registered a 25% growth in 2009. There are plenty of do it yourself products but the American Dental Association recommended performing such procedures under a professional’s supervision. The results of teeth whitening procedures vary depending on the initial colour of your teeth.

For grayish teeth the best results are achieved through bonding.
Bonding implies veneers that are used to cover your teeth and give them a nice look. When choosing a teeth whitening product, you should first consider the level of whitening you wish to obtain. Tobacco chewing, smoking, drinking coffee or tea can alter your teeth colour. And even if you avoid such substances, teeth whitening is not permanent and you have to repeat such procedures after some time.

Teeth whitening can be done safely at home, too. Teeth whitening kits contain carbamide peroxide which breaks into water and oxygen. The oxygen will then penetrate the teeth and the result is brighter, whiter teeth.

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