Alta White Teeth Whitening System

Published:November 26th, 2010

Alta White is a teeth whitening product that claims many people, including celebrities have used it. It promises professional results that you can achieve without having to go to the dentist’s office. It is said to be simpler to use than other home kits. You have to dip a swab applicator into a whitening powder and then coat your teeth. Alta White is also said to be helpful for removing plaque as well.

We haven’t tested this product yet, but any product which claims to whiten teeth without the use of dentist grade teeth whitening agents should be looked at carefully. Plus the fact that it comes as a free trial raises quite a few alarm bells…

The disadvantages of using Alta White are related to the ingredients of the product. For people who are sensitive to any of the ingredients in Alta White, or for people who have wounds, the product is not recommended. Irritation on the gum, pain, redness or swelling are the symptoms of such sensitivity.

Like many other teeth whitening products, Alta White offers free samples. The combination of liquid and powder cleaning agents applied through a convenient swab is what makes it attractive for a lot of people interested in finding an easy to use teeth whitening kit.

BUT, please be cautious. We have heard reports that this is in fact a Re-bill scheme, whereby you sign up for a trial and then get billed monthly for the product. Always read the terms and conditions before purchasing any product online.

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