Whiter Image And Its Advanced Whitening Solution

Published:September 21st, 2010

Teeth whitening has become America’s number one cosmetic demand. Tanners are among the people most interested in having a bright smile that can compliment their tanned skin. Whiter Image is a teeth whitening company that offers premium products for the spa and clinics. The products are combined with service before, during and after their sale. Whiter Image has become the salon owners’ first choice in teeth whitening products.

Whiter Image Premium Prefilled Tray Kit can be used with the company’s own LED Whitening Light. It is one of the most advanced products in the industry. Behind it there is a unique, European patent pending technology. The advanced whitening solution is offered in a paste format and is vacuum sealed in a foil pouch that preserves freshness and stability. It also includes hydrators for people who have more sensitive teeth. The LED light is used if you wish to accelerate the whitening process. The mouth tray is prefilled with the whitening solution.

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