Easy Routines To Keep You Healthy, White Teeth

Published:July 1st, 2010

There are some easy routines that can ensure you keep healthy, white teeth without too much effort.

First, you should brush your teeth three times each day, once in the morning, once after lunch and before you go to sleep. This does not mean that it is not helpful to also brush after every meal or whenever you eat something.

Brushing should take a minimum of three minutes and if you use an electric toothbrush it is easier to track the time you spend on brushing.
If you use toothpaste that has whitener in it, your teeth will preserve their white colour more easily. A good toothpaste also has fluoride and baking soda as ingredients that can help your teeth stay white and healthy.

Flossing also helps your teeth and gums and protects them from diseases. Mouthwash is also recommended as part of your brushing and flossing routine. Flossing and using mouthwash help by removing any food particles that are still in the mouth after brushing.

Try to stay away from snacks, especially if they contain sugar. Sugar is not what causes tooth decay, but the time sugar stays in the mouth is what can cause problems. This is also true for other foods. Carrots and apples, on the other hand are snacks that can help you keep strong and healthy teeth. Smoking is also harmful for your white teeth and the same is true for coffee or black tea.

Proper care of your white teeth will prevent discoloration and weakening of the enamel of your teeth. By brushing and flossing regularly, bacteria will not build up in the mouth.

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