Expensive Teeth Whitening For Cheryl Tweety

Published:June 27th, 2010

Expensive veneers and whitening treatments add up to 10,000 pounds per year for Cheryl Tweedy, X Factor star. And teeth whitening is not the only cost she has to pay for staying a style icon and a pop princess. Designer clothes and accessories also cost a small fortune. Her smoking habit makes things worse. She is said to have been smoking 40 cigarettes a day, but lately she is down to 20.

Teeth whitening is more difficult to offer results for smokers. Smoking defeats the effect of teeth whitening and it can be one of the major causes of stains on your teeth.

Veneers are thin tooth shaped shells that can be custom made of porcelain. They can be permanently bonded to the teeth and look natural. They can be a solution for major cosmetic changes. Only a small amount of the enamel is removed during procedures that place veneers. Veneers are considered a more conservative approach to the effort involved in having a beautiful smile.

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