Teeth Whitening And Dental Insurance

Published:August 16th, 2010

Teeth whitening is not covered by dental insurance as it is considered a cosmetic procedure which is not essential. Dental insurance only covers problems that cause pain and discomfort.

As in-office teeth whitening procedures are costly, the insurance you would have to pay could be quite high.

Insurance plans for dental work are useful and you should look for the best you can afford, as you never know what type of expensive treatments you might need in the future. There are plans for full coverage or just for maintenance and protection. There are also discount plans or regular dental insurance plans. The higher the limit you set for the coverage limit, the more your insurance will cost.

Whitening your teeth can be the least expensive way you can improve your look. However, if you think the cost of an in-office teeth whitening procedure is too high, you can use a home kit.

UV whitening accelerates the break down of peroxide substances used to brighten your smile. Solar Smile Teeth Whitening, for example, is used in Tanning Salons. Other types of UV whitening are Celebrity Hollywood Whites UV Teeth Whitening Kit or UVBleachBright. You can use such teeth whitening system while you relax or have your hair done.

A recent study in the Journal of Prosthodontics has revealed that laser whitening is not very different from non-light-activated procedures. While laser whitening can achieve quicker results, home teeth whitening kits can be just as effective. Overnight bleaching trays might not be as convenient, but they offer similar results.

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