Most Expensive Countries for Dental Care

Published:November 21st, 2011

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Many people have been going out of the country seeking dental care, not only because of the quality that these countries can provide, but also because of how easy on the pocket these treatments are. However, there are also countries which provide dental assistance at a high cost. According to a study, England ranks as the most expensive country for dental care.

The study made was in over nine countries that included Hungary, the United States, England, Poland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, among others. It was based on dental costs such as standard filling range, dentist’s time, overhead, drugs, materials, and x-ray charge.

Standard filling rate ranges from 8Euros in Hungary, 145 Euros in the United States, and as high as 156Euro or 117pounds in the Britain. The costs in dental care range the same in countries in Western Europe—it is at 146Euors per filling in Spain and 135 Euros in Italy. But, they were cut at half the price in France and Germany (46Euros and 67Euros, respectively).

Seventy percent of labour cost eats up the expenses of dental treatments, making them expensive in England. Dentists charge about 2.88Euros per minute for their services, but in other countries such as Hungary, it is at a more affordable rate of 0.09Euros per minute.

The countries which are known for affordable dental care were Hungary and Poland. Poland charges about 8Euros per filling while Poland charges at 18Euros. Since Poland has been known for its low cost treatment for dental care, it has been the primary dental tourist destination of the British.

Recently, there is a draft plan for the European Union to open its borders for medical tourism and allow citizens of any of the 27 nations to seek dental care treatment in any of the neighbouring states.

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