Fluoride in Water Prevents Adult Tooth Loss

Published:November 12th, 2011

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Recently, fluoride has been added to the water supply distributed to the public by the government. The public water system makes use of a process that utilizes minute quantity of the naturally occurring mineral. They use this to boost the amount of concentration to no more than one part per million.

According to studies, children who have been sipping water, that have been supplemented with fluoride, assists with their dental help in adulthood decades later.

There is an intense relationship between fluoride levels in a resident’s state during their birth with tooth loss as grown-up.

The fluoridation exposure during birth has an effect on a person’s tooth loss when they reach the age of 40’s and 50’s. The fluoride exposure when they where 20’s and 30’s would have no affect in this, this is according to a study.

Dentists state that the benefits of fluoridation are at best from birth. There are children whose teeth have not yet shown, fluoride can still develop a person’s tooth enamel, which is the highly mineralized tissue on the teeth’s exterior. Apart from that another great benefit of fluoride is that it assists damaged teeth from the decay process and it goes down bacteria on the teeth.

Since the 1950’s the American Dental association has supported the flouridation of tap water. Dentists and scientist keep on explaining that adding fluoride on to the water is safe as well as beneficial to the residences dental health. Apart from drinking the water, most dentists also recommend on brushing your teeth twice daily with toothpaste that is rich in fluoride and has decreased sugar level to help prevent tooth decay.

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