Fangs as Dental Fashion: Is It a Good Idea?

Published:November 18th, 2011

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Edward Cullen, the Salvatore Brothers, or even Catwoman may be more than just fictional characters as vampire fangs are now cosmetically possible.

A sharpened and elongated canine to get the look of vampire fangs is a persisting trend especially among young girls.

Young girls now consider visiting the dentist or the cosmetic salon to have their perfectly straight teeth appear crooked. These young girls are all doing it for the love of vampires while some in the name of fashion.

This crooked teeth trend first became popular in Tokyo, and is called Yaeba. The word Yaeba in Japanese, as a matter of fact, means double teeth. This trend is not really a medical condition but more of a look, in which one gets his or her teeth plastered over a fake tooth so that he or she may look like that of a vampire.

This procedure is performed by a cosmetic dentist. An artificial tooth would be glued on to the natural tooth with the help of a special adhesive. Afterwards, the dentures of the patient would look like it has vampire fangs on it.
With the Yaeba crooked teeth, girls would have feline look. The vampire fangs helps boost the girls attractiveness.

Those born with imperfect teeth can gain their confidence to smile as widely as they can.

Gone are the days when people shell out large amount of money so that they could have braces put on their flawed set of dentures. All people wanted were perfectly straight teeth. However, crooked teeth would no longer be an imperfection as Yaeba persists to be a trend.

In fact, celebrities in Japan wear their crooked teeth proudly. Instead of having these fixed with braces, they show these off, some with Yaeba, in front of the flashing bulbs of the cameras.

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