Job Seekers Turning To Teeth Whitening To Get The Edge

Published:May 15th, 2010

Job seekers are more and more turning to cosmetic procedures such as face-lifts, Botox or teeth whitening to stay competitive in the job market. According to Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening of Fargo, they are receiving an increasing number of patients looking to enhance their smile before that important job interview or in order to try and impress the boss for that job promotion.

“I have had some people coming in who are going on job interviews,” said Mike Karnis, manager of Bleach Bright Teeth Whitening. Many dental practices now offer Zoom whitening which can whiten teeth temporarily within 30 minutes. Also we are seeing a boom in home teeth whitening kits as consumers look to get the same results as cosmetic dentists at lower costs.

Other people are getting their teeth whitened after they land a new job – especially if they will be dealing with customers, Karnis said. With the recession still looming, many are using every option available to increase their chances.

Dr. Susan Mathison with Catalyst Medical Center in Fargo said several people have told her they were job searching and hoped a fresh look would help.

“I think that people in their 40s and 50s are feeling like they’re competing for positions with younger potential job candidates, so looking their best is very important to them,” Mathison said.

So if you have an interview coming up, or want to improve your chances of getting that sale, look no further than teeth whitening.

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