Luster 1 Hour White Review

Published:August 10th, 2010

An easy to use teeth whitening system is Luster 1 Hour White. It incorporates the very latest light activation technology and offers quick results that last. This new product offered by Dentovations does not rely on strips or trays. Trays and strips can be effective in holding peroxide teeth whitening gel against the teeth, but they can cause tooth sensitivity. This is because trays and strips create a barrier between the tooth and saliva, which prevents tooth hydration.

The patented gel formula in Luster 1-Hour White stays on the teeth for as long as it is necessary and allows proper teeth hydration. It uses a paint-on gel and activating light. Luster 1 Hour White can whiten teeth up to six shades in only one hour without causing teeth sensitivity.

Luster 1 Hour White is a home treatment kit for teeth whitening. You have to first rinse for about ten seconds with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse. Then you brush on the Activating Whitening Gel and let it dry for twenty seconds. After this you use the hand-held Activating Whitening Light for two minutes.

You can obtain the best results by repeating the procedure 20 times. This is why the product is sold as a one hour teeth whitening kit. The Luster 1 Hour White kit contains the gel that lasts quite some time, but you can buy refills.

While a tray method implies use for two hours a day, for several days, with Luster 1 Hour White you can obtain the same results in an hour. The system is similar to in-office treatments used by dentists. The gel contains whitening ingredients and it is the first OTC whitening product approved by FDA.

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