Different Methods of Straightening Your Teeth

Published:November 28th, 2012

Getting a nice white smile is relatively easy these days as there are lots of great products to purchase online, many of which receive well-deserved rave reviews from users, as well as numerous over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and options offered by dentists. A nice white smile is all very well, but what if your teeth are crooked? Orthodontic treatment wasn’t nearly so common, even relatively recently and many adults in the UK have less than perfectly straight teeth. But is this really a problem?

There’s little doubt that having slightly crooked teeth can easily become a part of someone’s character, and it may look all wrong for them to have immaculately straight teeth, but if someone’s teeth are really quite wonky then it’s quite possible they may benefit from having them straightened, and not just cosmetically.

The health benefits of having a straighter smile include:

  • Having teeth that meet together correctly will help ensure they wear more evenly and will reduce any pressure on other teeth, the muscles in the face and the joints in the jaw.
  • Straighter teeth are simply easier to clean, as it’s much simpler to brush properly if the toothbrush can actually get into all the little nooks and crannies.
  • Straighter teeth that aren’t overcrowded are much easier to floss, so there’s less chance of developing decay in the contact areas in between each tooth, and gums are likely to be a lot healthier as a result.

Knowing that teeth straightening can benefit oral health can often be enough to persuade people to go ahead and get that straighter smile. But what are the different types of braces available?

Traditional Braces
Everyone is familiar with traditional braces, and can probably remember kids at school with ‘train tracks’ on their teeth. These types of braces are still widely used, and are very effective, but are also highly visible. They also require a certain amount of dedication to keep clean, as otherwise wearers can end up with straighter teeth full of decay and disease.

Invisible Braces
These types of braces have become extremely popular during the last few years and with good reason. Patients undergoing this type of treatment have to wear a series of clear plastic aligners that look a little like mouth guards. They are custom-made to gently move the teeth into the correct position and need replacing every few weeks as the teeth begin to shift.

The advantage of this type of brace is mainly that it is virtually invisible, and is the perfect solution for anyone with a busy life or who has to meet clients and customers during the course of their working life. It’s also just a great solution for anyone who simply doesn’t want to advertise the fact that they are having their teeth straightened.

Another huge advantage of invisible braces is that they can be removed for easy cleaning, so teeth and gums are much more likely to remain healthy during treatment. They can even be left out for a couple of hours or so for a special event. However this type of brace isn’t suitable for everyone.

Anyone thinking of having their teeth straightened should seek the advice of an orthodontist who specialises in straightening teeth as they will know exactly which kind of brace will be the most effective.

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Alison, is a UK born and educated dental professional with over 25 years experience.

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