Listerine Whitening Strips That Dissolve Completely

Published:July 31st, 2010

Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips is the first product for teeth whitening using dissolvable strip technology. These strips dissolve in ten minutes and are designed by Pfizer. A multi-layer film technology releases a whitening ingredient that can penetrate stains and leave the teeth whiter. Unlike other similar products, you do not have to peel off these strips after a time, as the new technology backing this product allows for complete dissolving. These whitening strips can be used for both top and bottom teeth, which is an advantage over other types of products that offer strips tailored for a particular set of teeth.

The hydrogen peroxide percentage is low and it is found only on one side of the strips. The hydrogen peroxide is activated in the mouth, breaking down to oxygen and water. When the strip dissolves, you will just swallow water and the strip material. The strips can not only whiten your teeth, but they will also kill germs that cause bad breath.

Although people who have used this product say that it can only improve the whiteness of your teeth with just half a shade, they have been satisfied with the convenience it offers. You should not expect instant results, but if you use this product for at least two weeks, you will notice significant whitening. It seems that Listerine Quick Dissolving Strips do not create as much tooth sensitivity as other similar products.

This product is an easy and quick teeth whitener that can fit into your busy lifestyle. You can use it wherever you are, as the strips will dissolve and the manufacturers claim that you do not even have to brush your teeth after using this product.

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