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There are generally two options available to individuals wanting to whiten their teeth:
-Have the treatment done by your dentist in their office (in-office, or laser whitening),or perform your whitening treatments on your own–unsupervised, most likely in your own home, at your convenience.
-To use a home-based system, you might choose Dr.Collins Teeth Whitening System, the flagship product of the Dr. Collins product lineup. This system was created by Dr. Colin Suzman, a dentist located in Orange County, CA.

Before developing this system, he had been recommending oral care products from other companies, but he wanted something better for his patients than what was then available. About 4 years ago, he introduced the latest system, an over-the-counter tray-based whitening kit, available in 10%, 16% and 22% Carbamide Peroxide formula. The Dr. Collins line is currently being sold online, and also includes gels which use a Hydrogen Peroxide formula. The system is available through specialist teeth whitening shops and cosmetic dentists, as well.

How It Works

No dental visit is required for the Dr. Collins Bleaching System. It is a tray-based system using boil-and-bite bleaching trays. A small amount of whitening gel is applied to the inner front surface of the tray. The wearing time of the tray can be anywhere from a half hour to four hours a day, for up to a week. The length of the wearing time depends on whether or not you have whitened before and the concentration of the bleach.

Possible Discomfort, Sensitivity, and Pain

When using the Dr. Collins All White Bleaching System, teeth or gums may become sensitive, as is common with any teeth whitening product containing peroxide based gels, and it is reversible. If this sensitivity happens or increases with this product, you can reduce usage time and/or use the Dr. Collins desensitizing gel, which is included with this system. Most teeth whitening systems do not include desensitizing gel, so this is an extra
benefit of Dr. Collins all White Bleaching System. The gel included uses Potassium Nitrate which actually works its way into the center of the tooth (the pulp), and has a numbing action that prevents the user from feeling discomfort.

Hydrogen Peroxide Version

Because some people do not have teeth sensitivity and prefer the shorter wearing time of Hydrogen Peroxide, Dr. Collins also includes the Hydrogen Peroxide version. Many users reported that this version was more effective for removing stubborn surface stains.

Whitening Factor

One thing that seemed a bit odd with this system was the lack of contact information and customer support with the kit. Hopefully, that will change in the near future. If there are any issues with the kit, however, it is advisable that the customer contact the retail outlet where the product was purchased. The packaging design seems a bit outdated, but perhaps this means the team at Dr. Collins has saved on marketing costs in exchange for passing value on to the customer. Since most whitening systems cost more and include less, it seems that Dr. Collins Teeth Whitening System offers a greater advantage to the customer than just having the latest in product design or packaging.

The Verdict?

The Dr Collins All White Bleaching system is a robust product, which comes in various strenghts: 10%, 16% and 22% dependent on the sensitivity of your teeth. My major gripe with this system is the time it takes, having to wear the mouth tray during the night is not comfortable, and having to wear the devices from 1 to 4hours a day is not practical (as you can’t speak wearing it!!!).

In our opinion we prefer the Dental White teeth whitening kit, as you only need to wear the mouth trays for 30 minutes each day with the lazer light to get the same effects, plus it is more cost effective. Each treatment using Dr Collins’ averages at around £0.75, against around £0.09 for the Dental White treatment. Click here to see our review of Dental White.

Click here to find out more about the Dr Collins teeth whitening at the official www.drcollins.com website.

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Review by Karen, May 15, 2010

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These are all the rage in the US, but you need to be prepared to spend hours applying this each day! The results are worth it though, just wished I could be quicker…Please sort out Dr Collins

Review by Mickey R, October 29, 2010

Is this available in the UK now? They no longer have these on amazon

Review by Rachel, November 20, 2010

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Good product, I bought mine whilst at new york, save your money and use this instead of your dentist.

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