When are Wisdom Teeth Supposed to Come Out?

Published:January 20th, 2012

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When you reach your teens, you should have a full set of adult teeth. Is some cases though, people get wisdom teeth that come in between the ages of 17 and 25. You’re not likely to even notice these teeth unless they start to cause problems.

The Controversy Surrounding the Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Impaction of the wisdom teeth can be painful and is a result of the teeth not having enough space. This can cause a lot of different scenarios that result in infections and consequently damage to the surrounding area. This potential for trouble means that a lot of dentists recommend that you remove the wisdom teeth in order to head problems off. The AAOM goes so far as to recommend the removal of wisdom teeth even if they are not causing problems. It also says that this should not be left too long as it is easier to remove wisdom teeth in younger patients whose jawbone’s are softer.

ADA’s Wait and See Approach

On the other hand, the ADA takes a more “wait and see” approach when it comes to wisdom teeth. It advises against taking out wisdom teeth, even if they are impacted, if there are no problems. The surgery itself is not without risk. Aside from the usual risks associated with anesthesia, you may also experience damage to the nerves, the joints of the jaw or the teeth surrounding the area. You are likely to come out of surgery with some bruising and swelling and pain. You are likely to find that the wounds will ooze and you will need to eat softer foods.

The question of when wisdom teeth should come out is not a simple one to answer – the general consensus is that they need to come out if they are causing you hassles. It is best to get the advice of a professional before making your decision.

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