Smoking Can Destroy Dental Implants

Published:January 29th, 2012

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The use of dental implants to replace lost teeth has revolutionized the dental industry. Compared to the often ungainly look users get while wearing/using dentures, dental implant patients can boost of a better fit, which are more comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Despite the high cost of getting dentures, they are slowly become the preferred choice of tooth replacement procedure and may take up the mantle once set for dentures.

Background on Dental Implants

A dental implant is made from a material which closely resembles that of natural teeth. It is then fixed on to the jaw bone, using a titanium screw. Dental implants are coated with hydroxypatite, an element which occurs naturally in teeth.

Effects of Smoking on Dental Implants

According to a report done by a group of dentists across Europe, smoking increases the chances of rejection of a dental implant, by the human body. The report indicated that even though there have been a few cases of rejection in the past, smoking increases the probability of rejection by a huge margin.

Reasons for Rejection of implants

Ideally, patients undergoing a dental implant procedure should possess a good healing system and effective blood flow to ensure full recovery of the gum tissue. Smoking has the opposite effect on the human body. It negates the body’s healing ability and reduces blood flow. This effect ultimately lowers the chance of a successful integration of a dental implants in the body.


The effects of smoking are not just limited to dental implants, but also dental fillings and tooth extractions. It also renders antibiotics and healing creams useless. Therefore, suffice it to say that you should avoid smoking while undergoing a dental procedure or quit the habit all together with.

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