How Traditional Asian Massages Can Straighten Crooked Teeth

Published:October 3rd, 2011

There are a lot of pragmatism when it comes to Asian medicine and Asian massages as a legitimate physical therapy process. However, we need to consider that Asian medicine and Asian massages have been used by the Asians for thousands of years before Western Medicine and other medical practice came in the picture. One of the many Asian dental practices being used is massaging the gums of children to straighten crooked teeth.

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Although rare, it does happen that the permanent teeth grow even when the milk teeth is perfectly health. When this happens, the formation becomes crooked with some of the permanent unable to fully mature. When this happens, mothers simply give their children gum massages every morning. The idea is that the gums of children are still forming and they can still be guided to grow the right way and it is especially soft after a good night’s rest.

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to do the massage to straighten crooked teeth. Remember that this will only work on toddlers, when their gums are still malleable enough to guided into growing the right way.

PLEASE: Wash hands thoroughly. Use sterile surgical gloves or your clean bare hands, because you are going to use your thumb and forefinger with this guide.

#1 – Start the massage as soon as the permanent tooth or teeth show up completely.
#2 – Do the massage every morning, before brushing teeth or before gargling with water.
#3 – Massage the crooked tooth or teeth through the gums.
#4 – Massage the tooth or teeth towards the correct position.
#5 – For overbite or rabbit-type of teeth, put your forefinger horizontally over gums and press gently inwards the mouth.
#6- Be patient. Do the massage for an hour daily until the tooth or teeth are on proper place.

Just a reminder that this will not work on severe cases and don’t do it when you are in doubt.

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