Healthy Teeth Need Healthy Gums

Published:January 11th, 2012

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Healthy gums are essential for healthy teeth as they help make sure the teeth are kept firmly anchored into your jaw. If you gums aren’t healthy you are at risk of losing your teeth, so what can you do to keep them in the pink? It’s quite simple to get and maintain healthy gums but is dependent upon you ensuring you clean your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time and that you floss once-a-day. Electric toothbrushes make it very easy to brush for 2 minutes, and many let you know once 30 seconds has passed. If you think about your mouth being split into four separate quarters, then you can allow 30 seconds for each quarter so you methodically clean one section at a time.

There’s No Avoiding the Need to Floss
Most people hate flossing, but it is essential for healthy gums as flossing right down to and just below the gum line helps remove all the plaque and food debris which builds up over the day. If you really can’t stand flossing then try an alternative method such as using soft interdental brushes or even a water flosser which cleans in between the teeth by squirting water under pressure. Keep experimenting until you find something which suits you, or ask your dentist for advice and techniques to make flossing easier.

Don’t Avoid Your Dentist
Talking of dentists, is essential not to ignore those little reminder cards which slip through the letterbox with alarming regularity. If you find yourself constantly putting off ringing up your dentist to make an appointment for a checkup and professional cleaning, then stop for a moment and think that it only takes an hour out of your schedule every few months to attend an appointment. If you neglect your teeth and go on to develop gum problems you could find yourself becoming far more familiar with your local dental surgery than anyone wants to. Treatment for gum disease is not only costly but time-consuming.

Your dentist will be able to spot any early signs of gum disease, while having your teeth cleaned professionally removes all the plaque deposits which collect every few months in those hard to reach areas. Although getting your teeth professionally cleaned probably isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, it is really nice afterwards as your teeth will look and feel a lot cleaner.

So What Are the Early Signs of Unhealthy Gums?
Early signs include puffy and red looking gums which are likely to bleed slightly whenever brushed or flossed. If you notice that your gums aren’t a nice healthy pale pink colour anymore and that they have begun to bleed every so often then don’t panic. At this stage gum disease can be treated by visiting your dentist for professional cleaning and by paying attention to your daily oral hygiene routine. If you are more attentive towards brushing your teeth thoroughly every day and are vigilant about flossing then you should notice a difference after just a couple of weeks. The important thing is not to ignore these early warning signs as without attention the disease will progress and you’ll be putting your teeth at risk.

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