Food Healthy for the Teeth

Published:October 9th, 2011

There are certain kinds of food healthy for the teeth. Proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist are ways on how to get healthy teeth, but proper eating habits may also play a vital role in the process. Most of the time this part of dental health is not so much reinforced because many believe that they are already eating healthy, but caring for the teeth has a different set of needs one has to consider as well.

There are many foods that are food for the teeth and here are some of them.

Food Healthy for the Teeth: Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber rich foods – one example of this is the wonderful celery. The fibers in this type of food will help in the natural cleaning of the teeth, an apple will also do a wonderful job and they are best eaten after every meal, so as to increase the production of saliva which in turn will neutralize the acids that are present in the mouth. That being said, snacking on raw celery or carrots is definitely better than a bag of chips, healthy for the tummy and the pearly whites as well.

Food Healthy for the Teeth: Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium rich foods like yogurt, low-fat milk and cheese. Calcium is great for the bones and the teeth and cheese is a great way to get the Calcium that one requires on a daily basis. The best part is that cheese also helps in maintaining the pH balance of the mouth; therefore preventing bacteria build up.

Food Healthy for the Teeth: Vitamin B & C Rich Foods

Vitamin B which can be found in breads and cereals are good in the maintenance of healthy gums along with Vitamin C which is found in most fruits. Kiwi is one of the best sources of Vitamin C, having an ample supply of this vitamin would help in the prevention of periodontal diseases and will definitely help in making the teeth healthy.

Water, this is an essential part of life and of one’s dental health as well. Make sure that the eight glasses are met, so that the gums are hydrated and there will be no room for dry mouth, which can also be a cause of bad breath. Water is also vital in dental hygiene, making sure to rinse the mouth with water, so that bacteria will not collect in the gum lines and in between teeth.We will be writing about food healthy for the teeth in the coming days.

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