Excessive Teeth Whitening

Published:October 22nd, 2011

The General Dental Council of United Kingdom is now ordering a ban to over the counter teeth whitening products and providing strict measures to personnel who are performing teeth whitening procedures without proper training.

Due to cheap and readily available teeth whitening products in the market, consumers who want to achieve pearly white smiles became obsessed of bleaching their teeth. There are also illegitimate cosmetic clinics offering low priced teeth whitening procedures that attract lots of customers.

Teeth whitening products contain carbamide peroxide, an element which belongs to acid family. It acts as a bleaching agent and designed for whitening our teeth. However, there are lots of precautions to its uses. Application of carbamide peroxide in our teeth should be within the prescribed amount of time. Frequent application of cabamide peroxide will destroy our teeth’s enamel and it is harmful for our gums too.

Improving our appearance is one way on how we can achieve self confidence. It is okay if we would like to pamper ourselves a day in a spa or go to the dentist to whiten our smile. As consumers however, our attentions are easily captured by economical products or services promising us to save more money while achieving same results with expensive brands, but in reality we end up spending more fixing the failure of treatments we received. Always keep in mind that there are experts who knows what they are doing which you can truly get the value of what you are paying for.

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