Dental Tourism in Slovakia

Published:December 8th, 2011

Dental tourism has become a popular option for people who are looking to reduce the cost of dental procedures. More and more country are joining the foray, which is good since it will give dental tourists more options and better prices for dental procedures. So what does Slovakia have to offer to travelers, in order to distinguish itself from the competition? That is what we intend to explore in the course of this article.

Slovakia is one of those countries that barely raises a blip on the dental industry “sonar”. This sense of anonymity has a lot to do the countries lack of interest in marketing itself as a dental tourism “hot spot”. But this should be construed as a sign of lack of facilities, expertise and good prices offered for dental procedure. Contrarily, Slovakia has very well trained dentist, who use international standards on equipment and materials used to perform dental procedures.

The main purpose people have when going to other countries to get dental work done is to save cost. A quick search on the internet will reveal that the charges for dental procedures in Slovakia are around a third or even a quarter of the fraction of the cost charged by Western and European countries, but not quite as cheap as those found in some Asian countries.

It has been said that those countries that charge too little for dental procedures often sacrifice on quality of service or materials. Therefore, the prices charged by Slovakia are somewhat justifiable due to the fact that dental equipment and materials used during dental procedures are same as those ones used in developed countries. The only avenue that allows Slovakian dentists to charge cheaper prices is by reducing the cost of labor. Don’t worry though; Slovakian doctors are well trained and experienced in the provision of dental services.

So how can you go about finding a good dentist in Slovakia? The best practices will have setup a website where you can check on their prices, credentials and type of equipment used. If you are still not satisfied, you can seek a referral from another person who has used the services of a Slovakian dentist. There are plenty of forums on the internet, where you can connect with other dental tourists.

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