Causes of Chronic Bad Breath

Published:October 6th, 2011

Failing to brush ones teeth regularly is one of the many causes of chronic bad breath but the worst cause is the one that one puts inside the body – food.

Halitosis or more commonly referred to as bad breath is such an embarrassing thing to have that people would line up their cabinets with assortments of mints, different types of mouth washes and toothpastes just to evade this problem. Curing bad breath may be difficult once it has reached a severe stage, so preventing it from happening is a person’s best bet, and in order to do that one must properly identify what causes it.

Causes of Chronic Bad Breath: Processed Food

The concept behind the phrase “You are what you eat,” is very applicable in this situation. What your stomach digests and what your body cells absorb affect the smell that comes out of your mouth. Preservatives that are in fastfood and junk food are the worst smelling kind when absorbed by the body. You have probably experienced your perspiration smelling like the food that you ate. That is the same principle with your breath. It absorbs the smell that you digest.

The best kind of food for the breath is the natural ones like vegetables with minimal dressing, fresh fruits, and fresh juice.

Causes of Chronic Bad Breath: Bad Oral Habits

Further, A lot of the food particles also get stuck between your teeth and between the spikes of your tongue. Oil and preservatives are two of main causes of bad breath. If one is fond of eating foods that contain strong pungent oils that may cause foul odor when ingested and absorbed in the body, such as onions and garlic, then bad breath will definitely occur.

Remember that the minute you put the food into any kind of external process, that is not fresh anymore and it takes in artificial ingredients that could be brutal to your digestive system and brutal to your breath. The most brutal causes of chronic bad breath is not the wrong toothpaste choice or failure to gargle with mouthwash but what you put inside your body.

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