Avoid Diabetes Through Dental Care

Published:October 18th, 2011

The responsibilities of the dentists slowly stretch beyond their field of expertise. For example, dentists can perform the test that measures the amount of glycated hemoglobin in the blood (HbA1c test), but they might also run tests for diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 is unfortunately quite a common condition in many adults today, and people who are struggling with it will have to undergo different and special dental treatments.

According to a study which has been recently published in the Journal of Dental Research, dentists are very suitable medical professionals to run the diabetes test in patients and to catch the disease in its early stage.

Diabetes could be rendered as the epidemic of the century, and the number of people who develop the disease is in a continuous growth. If the disease is diagnosed in its early stage, the chances of healing are much better.

However, people in general are not aware by the importance of finding and treating diabetes in its incipient phase. The early symptoms of diabetes are quite apparent for dentists, and this is exactly why the researchers from the Columbia University are considering it important that dentists should give people the early warning regarding diabetes.

The researchers asked the dentists to run diabetes tests for a number of 600 patients. These patients have never been diagnosed with diabetes, but they were clearly showing quite a few risk factors that indicated the possibility of developing diabetes in the near future.

According to the results of the study, dentists have been able to identify almost all the patients who were struggling with diabetes/ prediabetes based on the existence of periodontal complications. It is important to note that periodontal disease is one of the leading symptoms of diabetes in patients.

According to researchers and doctors, the early diagnosis of diabetes will help many people avoid developing the full condition. Prediabetes has a set of other well defined signs and symptoms such as frequent urination, increased thirst, and blurred vision, increased fatigue and of course dental health complications in incipient phases such as the periodontal disease earlier mentioned.

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