White Wine Can Be Detrimental For White Teeth

Published:July 9th, 2010

Although it has been thought that white wine does not have a damaging effect on your white teeth, recently New York University researchers have revealed that it also can cause teeth stains.

The study involved cow teeth with similar surfaces to human teeth. The teeth were soaked in white wine and then in black tea. Another set was soaked in water and then in black tea. The darker stains were obvious on teeth that were previously soaked in white wine. Red wine has been known to stain teeth, and in the experiment once again they were significantly more stained than teeth immersed in white wine. The stains are caused by a pigment called chromogen.

Sipping wine with dinner can have a detrimental effect on your white teeth. Acids contained in wine create grooves and rough spots that make it easier for chemicals present in other beverages like coffee or tea to penetrate even deeper into the teeth.

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