Teeth Whitening Used Much More Frequently By Our Parents

Published:September 1st, 2010

People over fifty have become more image conscious and the wide majority among them thinks that they are judged on their appearance. Compared to the previous generation, today a person in his or her fifties is seven times more likely to have his or her teeth whitened. People this age also exercise more, use anti-wrinkle cream, tanning lotions or sunbeds.

Cosmetic surgery has also doubled in the course of a generation. The amount of money spent on appearance has increased spectacularly in the last ten years. Cosmetics, beauty treatments along with clothing have become more and more important as the importance of looking young has gained ground.

Cosmetic dentistry is developing at a spectacular rate as well. And the clientele is not just around fifty. The younger generation is just as image conscious as their parents. And while parents claim that they feel better using all the cosmetic treatments on offer, their offspring enjoy the same confidence.

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