Teeth Whitening Number 1 In Cosmetic Dentistry

Published:September 3rd, 2010

Cosmetic dentistry includes dental procedures and treatments that can enhance the health and beauty of our teeth. From teeth whitening to restoration of teeth, cosmetic dentistry has an increasing number of clientele nowadays.

Teeth whitening is the most popular treatment among cosmetic dentistry offers. Laser whitening or home bleaching are two options available. Laser whitening is more effective in the long term and there is a smaller change to develop teeth sensitivity.

Home bleaching involves tray-like moulds that are filled with bleaching gel and are left for one or two hours on your teeth. While the first time, you can try this method at a clinic, later touch-ups can be done at home, following the dentist’s instructions.

Other cosmetic dentistry treatments are veneer, crowns, dental implants and braces. These are offered for corrective purposes. While braces are recommended for those who have protruding front teeth, dental implants are used to restore missing teeth.

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