Teeth Whitening Makes You Look More Successful and Intelligent

Published:September 15th, 2010

A study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has revealed that a person appears to be more intelligent, successful and interesting to others if he or she has a new smile. The majority of the American population considers a smile as an important social asset that can make them more appealing to the opposite sex and three quarters of the participants in the study consider that an unappealing smile can limit one’s chances for success. When respondents were asked about improvements to their smiles, the most frequent response was their desire to have whiter and brighter teeth. The top concerns of the participants in this study were straightness and discoloration.

LumiSmile from Lumineers and theDental Implant Associates, who is a group of cosmetic dentists in Chicago, provide the possibility of offering digital smile makeovers that can make a before and after comparison easier. The patients can thus see the likely results of a smile makeover. A digital image is created of the most likely results so patients can know what to expect from procedures such as teeth whitening.

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