Quicker Results With Teeth Whitening Strips

Published:July 19th, 2010

Teeth whitening strips are one of the options available today for achieving removing of stains and a beautiful bright smile. Whitening strips come preloaded with gels and have to be worn for thirty minutes or an hour, twice during the day.

Optimal results are obtained after ten such treatments. Compared to other solutions which only achieve results after two weeks, teeth whitening strips are a short-term whitening method.

These strips are thin, clear and flexible pieces of plastic which are coated on one site with a thin layer of bleaching agent. As the whitener is already applied to the strips, you do not have to check the dosage of the bleaching agent used. After applying the strips, you just have to wait for the specified amount of time to elapse, and then just peel off the strip.

The side effect is that they may cause a burning sensation when coming into contact with the gum. You can only use these whitening strips for the front teeth.

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