QuickBreeze – A New Oral Irrigator

Published:July 23rd, 2010

QuickBreeze is a new aerator that can be easily installed and can clean your teeth very efficiently. Oral irrigators are useful in combating bacteria in your mouth. The irrigator can be used with an anti-microbial agent and you can be sure to prevent any dental cavities and gum infections.

Oral irrigators help with breaking up and washing away plaque and tartar, so your teeth will stay healthy much longer.

You can use this irrigator for a minute with a high speed jet containing the anti-microbial agent and you will kill any bacteria in your mouth, the back of your tongue and any hard to reach areas.

The device does not need batteries or power, it can last for a lifetime and even be used when travelling. QuickBreeze just needs to be attached to the faucet and you can start using it. Once you are done using it, you just have to remove it and store it for further use.

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