One In Five Adults Suffers From Teeth Sensitivity

Published:July 25th, 2010

One in five adults in US are suffering from dental hypersensitivity. The tooth pain and discomfort experienced is due to the exposure of dentin caused by damaged enamel. When teeth are eroded, hard tissue loss is the result of acids etching the tooth surface. This results in hypersensitivity and is experienced as sharp pain when hot, cold or chemical substances and even mechanical stimuli come into contact with the teeth.

Excessive teeth whitening is considered one of the causes of hypersensitivity. Diets are another frequent cause, together with gingival recession due to tooth decay or gum irritation because of over-flossing.

One way to manage this sensitivity is to use desensitizing toothpaste, but there are also restoration treatments. Administering calcium compounds or sodium fluoride is also a common practice.

Teeth whitening should not be used in excess, as the resulting teeth sensitivity may point to an erosion of the enamel.

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