New Technology To Take Away Fear of Dentist

Published:August 30th, 2010

Dental Cincinnati and Dr. Stuart Levy use a new technology designed to eliminate the fear some patients feel for visiting their dentist. STA or Single Tooth Anesthesia involves just one small computer monitored injection to a single tooth that can replace a mandible block that caused numbness to an entire side of the face. The computer assisted device can adjust the proper placement and the amount of numbing agent administered to the patient. This method not only reduces discomfort but also speeds up recovery time. The new technology reduces as much as 90% of the discomfort experienced by patients during dental procedures.

OraVerse is a new FDA approved dental anesthetic reversal agent used by Dr. Levy to aid the patients recover quickly. This eliminates the effects of Novocain which was used previously during dental procedures. Until the end of September, Dr. Levy offers a free home teeth whitening kit to any new patient together with cleaning and X rays.

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