New Dental Gel For Regenerating Decayed Teeth

Published:July 27th, 2010

Researchers in France are developing a dental gel that contains melanocyte-stimulating hormone. This substance has been known for its effect on regenerating decayed teeth in just a month. The gel encourages the cells in the teeth to multiply, so the new cells replace the decayed tissue.

There has been a debate surrounding MSH for some time. The melanocyte-stimulating hormones stimulate production and release of melanin by melanocytes in hair and skin. The different levels of MSH is what is considered to be the cause of racial variation in skin colour. There is however, a link between MSH and bone regeneration as well.

Researchers from the National Institute for Health in Paris have been studying the regenerative properties of this hormone and have concluded that it is efficient in producing new cells.

This new gel could mean you do not have to visit the dentist for fillings, as the gel can replace traditional fillings.

However, it may not be a solution for teeth that have already been affected by extensive and severe decay.

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