iWhite Light Activated Teeth Whitening Kit

Published:July 21st, 2010

A new teeth whitening kit is available to use at home. Besides relying on carbamide peroxide the iWhite system also involves activating light. This product is manufactured in Belgium, by Remedent. The same manufacturer offers MetaTray whitening product.

Ready-to-use strips are placed on your teeth. The bleaching agent is activated by light, which you turn on with a button. The pulsating light will catalyze the reaction of the bleaching agent and the whitening results are achieved rapidly.

The strips are made from a unique type of foam that will ensure close contact to the teeth. The mouthpiece has to worn for half an hour. After five days of using this product, result can be observed.
Unfortunately, there are no clinical trials to support use of this product. There is also no money back guarantee offered on purchasing this product. Another drawback is the fact that there is no list of ingredients, apart from the mentioning of the 6% hydrogen peroxide.

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