BleachBright StarBright Teeth Whitening Pen

Published:September 23rd, 2010

BleachBright, a leading teeth whitening company has created StarBright Pen. The system offers not only teeth whitening but also an enamel boosting gel that can strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Teeth can be whitened with just a few applications. The remineralizing gel helps repair the enamel and offers protection.

The StarBright Pen offers a protective layer over your teeth so it ensures further protection from staining. Being small, the pen-sized system can be conveniently and easily used, carried in a purse or briefcase and taken along while travelling.

BleachBright offers other products as well, such as BleachBright LED whitening system or UVBleachBright, an ultraviolet bleaching system that also offers tanning. The latest product line includes the BleachBright Teeth Whitening System, BleachBright KeepBright pen, StarBright Pen and the Home Whitening System. The company is based in Kenner, Louisiana and is the largest teeth whitening company in the world. Its products are manufactured in the United States and sold in more than 37 countries.

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