Beaming White’s Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset

Published:August 24th, 2010

You can now have a more pleasurable experience while you whiten your teeth. Beaming White’s Forever comes with a kit containing music headsets which you can connect to your iPod or computer. The Forever White Teeth kit offers everything you need to bleach your teeth within one hour.

A cheek retractor included in the kit will stretch your lips back, a blue LED light will activate the hydrogen peroxide gel and in one hour you will have the white teeth you desire. The wavelength used by the LEDs is similar to professional teeth whitening devices used by dentists.
The headset is advertised as being of high quality, so you will be entertained while you wait for your teeth to whiten. In fact the kit includes everything you need to perform this task, as even batteries are included.

The kit is marketed as an efficient way to improve your smile. It is said to be quick, as the whitening only takes one hour and cost-effective as there is enough gel for 15 applications.

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