Artiste – The Newest Teeth Whitening System

Published:February 20th, 2011

UAE based Smile Dubai Express has recently introduced a new teeth whitening system to be used by the spa industry. The professional whitening range called Artiste was introduced in December 2010. The Smile Dubai Express teeth whitening system can cause minimal sensitivity due to the reduced treatment duration to just 20 minutes.

The unique formula is PH neutral and light and mouthpiece pressure are used as accelerants. Artiste is based on a disposable mouthpiece which is pre-loaded with whitening agent, namely carbamide peroxide.

The strength of the formula for the spa version is not as concentrated as for professional dentists, but can still achieve satisfactory results, removing stains and achieving two to three shades lighter teeth.

Spawhite and Artiste use the combination of LED blue light and heat technology to prevent demineralizing and dehydration of teeth. If you need more than 5 shades of teeth whitening, you can opt for a double process that would take 40 minutes. The results can last as long as 6 months and those who use maintenance products and avoid staining agents can benefit from a bright smile even longer.

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